Where We Work


Picture - Flag of BrazilEarly Alliance efforts in Brazil focused on individual utility partnerships. The longest standing of these partnerships was launched in 2001 with the water and wastewater utility of the state of Ceará in the country’s arid northeast. Today the Alliance’s efforts in Brazil focus on taking the Watergy™ efficiency message to a larger national audience through the creation of strong local institution and also developing innovative financing models to facilitate a commercially viable Watergy™ efficiency market.


Picture - Flag of IndiaThe Alliance’s Watergy™ program in India has been active since 2002. The main objectives of the India Watergy™ program are to raise awareness on and build capacity within municipalities to implement water and energy efficiency improvements. The Alliance is also helping State agencies and municipalities become financially sustainable to improve the reliability of services to urban households.


Picture - Flag of MexicoMexico’s development challenges are particularly pressing in the water scarce areas of the northern border region. Existing water and energy infrastructure is insufficient for the growing population and economic activity, and the municipalities operating these systems are straining to meet rising costs and management challenges. In response to these challenges, the Alliance to Save Energy is undertaking the development of a municipal Watergy™ initiative tailored to the specific needs of Mexico's border region.


Picture - Flag of PhilippinesThe Alliance’s Watergy™ program in Philippines was initiated in 2004 to with funding from the U.S.-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP), a program of the U.S. Agency for International Development. The Alliance s partnered with two water districts in Iloilo and Cebu to carry out a municipal water and energy efficiency program in the Philippines. The main objectives of the Philippines Watergy™ program were to improve overall system efficiency in municipal water systems, and to create efficiency models based upon capacity building partnerships with local water and wastewater municipal entities to ensure sustainability within the country. The program ended in December 2005.

South Africa

Picture - Flag of South AfricaThe Alliance is helping cities in South Africa bring down the cost of providing ample quantities of clean water to all residents, including a free basic daily quantity of water as required by the Constitution. Since 2003, the Alliance to Save Energy Watergy™ Program has worked in partnership with municipalities in South Africa to take advantage of the tremendous efficiency opportunities in municipal water supply and wastewater treatment facilities.

Sri Lanka

Picture - Flag of Sri LankaThe Alliance’s Watergy™ program since 2002 has focused on working with municipal systems to reduce energy consumption and, thereby increase financial sustainability, reduce environmental impacts, and build the capacity of municipal institutions and water boards to improve the delivery of water to households, especially the urban poor. This effort is centered on partnerships with the City of Colombo, NWSDB, and private technical consultants.